Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Latham's brain

Here is a small peek inside Latham my four year olds brain. Remember he says s for f and v.
Latham-Mommy I don't believe in the desil.
Me-Well you have to believe in the devil because one day you will be saved from him.
Latham-Well what if he gets me?
Me-Honey the devil can not get you.How do you think the devil will get you?
Latham-While he is sitting in his office he will reach up through the ground and grab my legs.
Me-The devil has an office?
Latham-That's where he works.
Me-Well first the devil can not reach up and get you through the ground. Second I am pretty sure he does not have an office so maybe you should say a prayer to God to help you know that the devil can not get you.
Latham-Dear God,Please sire the desil so he can not gets me. Amen.

Friday, March 13, 2009


For those of you that do not know Latham has some allergies. The biggest thing he can not have eggs or anything with egg in it. Do you know how many things have eggs in them? A lot. So he went back to the allergist because he had been having some issues and they did blood work last Friday. By the way when the nurse filling the 5 vials finished he told her to put the blood back because it was his. Anyway so we got a phone call from the allergist about the blood work today. Holy cow there is a lot to digest. Environmental allergens, cat,dog,like 7 different molds and mountain cedar. Food allergens,milk,egg(which we knew)peanut,wheat,soybean,corn,sesame seed,shrimp,barley,rice and whey. We don't know exactly what this all means yet except it will more that likely be a very long process of taking things away and adding them for the next 7 months or so. When we went last Friday the doctor told us to stay away from tomatoes just in case so we did. We found out that they are fine and you should have seen how happy that boy was when he was able to eat marinara sauce tonight. So that is what is going on with him right now. Pretty exciting don't you think?

The last couple of days

Well it started out about 11:45 p.m. Wednesday night. I was up watching t.v. in my bedroom and Lucas came in there saying that his ear hurt really bad. I had some ear drops from the last ear related problem in December so I gave those to him along with some tylenol. 1:30 a.m. still up and in a lot of pain so I gave him some motrin and some different drops that I had that were all natural and they say they numb the pain (wish I would have found those first) he finally fell back asleep around 2:45 or 3:00 a.m. He was so tired but said that he was to awake. Can you be to awake in the middle of the night? So he woke up on his own Thursday morning and wanted to go to school he said his ear did not hurt that bad and he was not running a fever so I thought o.k. maybe it was just an earache. Then I get a call from the school nurse at 10:00 and he had his head on the desk crying so I picked him up. We wait a little bit and he starts having clear drainage around 2:30 p.m. so I call the doctor's office and they say that I am doing everything I can and give them a call if the color changes. Thursday night the color changed to red so this morning I call and we go in. Ruptured eardrum second one in three months. No ear infection though very strange the doctor says. We have to go back in two weeks and then we will more than likely be referred to an ENT specialist.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my baby

Well four years ago today we were blessed with a wonderful addition to our family. Today is Latham Grai Phillips birthday and I can not believe that he is already four.
He was a huge surprise for us and surprises us everyday with his humor and loving spirit. We are very lucky that he is such a great little stinker. Just a little glimpse into what is important in his life. He loves his brothers and considers them his personal toys. He says things like "there is nothing to do except the bubbas" he loves key lime pie yogurt I mean loves it wants to eat it everyday twice a day. He also loves little miss Gracie Bolin. Here is the conversation that happened yesterday. They were watching his new favorite movie,Gremlins,don't judge me the kid loves to be scared and that is the tamest I could think of. Anyway here it is....
oh and by the way he says s for f
Latham "Gracie this movie might sreak you out a little bit."
Gracie "Really"
Latham "ya but don't worry I will protect you. Grace I will always protect you."
Gracie "I know Lafam that's why I will always love you."
Could they be any cutier.
And that is pretty much everything he loves. He is a great kid and I would not give anything for the surprise that God gave us.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not much going on here.

Well, I would blog more often but I guess I don't have a very exciting life and don't have very much to go on about. I did have a couple of exciting things happen(well exciting for me anyway)I got a new camera the one I had for only a year broke. I finally found some dinnerware that I love and ordered that. We were down to 5 plates. It's sad I know but I am cheap and picky not a good combination. And the final thing and the thing I am most excited about. I am going to finally get new floors. July of last year we had to pull up ALL the carpet because Latham is allergic and we have had concrete since then. We know what we want and are finally able to get it. I am so excited that when we leave the house this summer and the kids start wearing flip flops again I do not have to yell white trash patrol before we leave the house.The concrete had black stuff all over it that gets on the kids feet and I sure did not want people thinking that I did not wash my children. So that is all that is going on here. Try to keep your excitement level down after you read this I know it is a little overwhelming.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Logan is a wonderful kid. He has a problem with listening and following directions(which drives me crazy)but he will grow out of that hopefully. Logan's most endearing quality is he has such a loving spirit. He is a wonderful big brother and cares very much for them. Here is one way that it showed itself yesterday. Since it was Lucas' birthday I stopped by Taco Casa(which is my kids favorite) and got lunch and went and ate with him at school. I also took brownies to his class for after lunch. So when they were done I decided to take Lucas home with me. He had a substitute and she actually said to me do you want to take him home we aren't doing anything for the rest of the day. Walnut Creek that is another blog for another time. I got Logan Taco Casa also and ran it to his class room and told him I would be taking Lucas home with me.(remember what I said about Logan's listening problem) So we came home and hung out for a little while and when I was going to pick Logan up my phone rang and it was a number I did not recognize and here is how the conversation went.
A muffled voice said
"Can I speak to Allison Phillips?"
"This is she"
"This is Logan mom"
"Logan where are you?" a little paniced because he sounded weird
"Mom did you pick up Lucas?"
I just here him stuck a staggered breath in and then all I hear is sobbing I am almost to the school and am now speeding through the school zone. Thankfully there were no police set up because I would not have stopped.
I say to him again
"WHERE are you?"
by now he can not even talk and I am about to the full panic point.
I am saying to him "Is there an adult around you?" and he is just sobbing into the phone.
I say "If there is an adult near you give them the phone now"
I hear an adults voice and I ask
Where is my son?" and they say
"At school."
Okay panic going down. He had used a line that does not come on the caller id as Walnut Creek. She asks,"should I send him to parent pick up?" I was like "UH yes and can you please tell me what is wrong with my son?"
She says,"he would not tell us he was to upset and kept saying I need to talk to my mother."
I said,"okay I will call and let you know what's up." I was pulling up to the school at that point. Logan got in the car looking pretty ragged and I ask him "What in the world was going on?" and he said,"I thought someone had kidnapped Lucas because I could not find him anywhere!" And started crying again. I just look at him and he was so overwhelmed with emotion hugging Lucas and telling him how much he loved him I could not even say to him see this is what happens when you don't listen to me. At the end of all this Lucas looks at Logan and says,"You are a great brother and I know how much you love me." To say the least I had to pull over on the side of the road because I could no longer see it through my tears. What a blessing to have such wonderful children, boys for that matter, who can show and tell each other how they feel. My cup runneth over.

So not so good at the remembering to blog.

Well, I guess I am not very good at the blogging. I just forget. But since my last blog not much has gone on. My wonderful middle child Lucas turned 7 on Friday it is hard to believe, but he could not do it before he made me cry on Thursday night. He came into the living room before bed and said, "You better hug me because this is the last time you will be hugging me when I am six!" He is growing up to fast and into such a sweet kid. Before that anything interesting,...not really. We finally got our couches after a month of waiting. We bought brand new couches last February(the first new couches since we had been married) and it broke. Thank goodness for warranties. So I call and then we take them to get fixed. It took about 3 weeks to get them back and what happens I sit down and they have not done a thing. I'm like really are you kidding me what makes them think that they can get away with that. So I call and tell them the problem and I was not going to deal with this they needed to replace our couches with new ones she said "well I have to talk to the rep and general manager and I will get back with you." I say FINE but you have three days!" I have no idea what I was going to do but it sounded really good. So three days later I tell Stephen if they do not call by 1:00 that they would be getting a phone call from me. At 10:30 they call me and ask what day would be a good day to deliever the new furniture and I said Tuesday after 10:30 and they said o.k. and that was the end of it. I was a little disappointed because I was all geared up for a fight. But I got over it fast. I did not get my furniture till Thursday darn ice.